Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Pacific Way

The Pacific Adventist University(PAU) outside Port Moresby erupted in to displays of exciting and colorful traditional cultural dances, food and drama during their Open day last Sunday (31/08/09).
And you Samoans, Tongans, Kiribatis, Solomon Islanders, Vanuatus and Fijians can identify your wantoks hotly dancing away ha ha ha.

Kiribati students swaying to their traditional beat

The Pacific Island students relaxed from their busy academic studies to ensure that the crowd received the similar scenario and excitement that was displayed and felt at the 10th South Pacific Festival of Arts held in Pago Pago American Samoa in July.
The dynamic students displayed their respective unique dances and drama to depict legends of their daily traditional livelihoods before non Pacific Islanders arrived on their isolated white sandy shores and tropical rain forest islands.

Samoan students displaying their traditional dance

Their performances truly expressed their rich traditional Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian political, economical and social activities before the Westminster Government system superseded their traditional activities.

The displaying of their cooked traditional food also expressed their love of preparing various dishes from nutritious garden food like, sago, taro, yams, bananas, pumpkins and greens like aibika and cabbages. A string band by Vanuatu students performing for the girls to dance

These tasty dishes were also prepared with land and marine proteins prefered by the Adventist church faithfulls.

A Vanuatu traditional dish comprising of mumu chicken and taro that was quickly eaten by the hungry crowd

Apart from the dances and food, the Tongans apart from dancing also performed a moving and well expressed drama depicting how the kava and sugar cane plants originated in their island

Vanuatu girls dancing to the beat of their boys' string bag

Southern region students of PNG performing a traditional dance from the Kiwai area in the Western Province

Island region students from PNG performing a traditional dances from the Manus Province
The Fijian students performing their traditional dance
Solomon Island girls putting heart and soul to the beat of their traditional music
Tongan students swaying to the beat of their traditional music

Apart from displaying their cultures, the Open day was held to show the public what educational programs and facilities were offered at PAU.

For more information about programs and activities offered at PAU please access http://www.pau.ac.pg/.

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